How Does a Whole-House Water Purifier Work?

A whole house water purifier uses a combination of electronic ionization, titanium oxidation, and multimedia filtration to remove toxins from water, soften the water, and improve its taste.  This system is 100% environmentally friendly because it uses no salt or chemicals to treat the water you drink.  By contrast, many sodium-based ion exchange systems have now been banned in certain states because of the saline imbalance they create in wetland areas and because they kill beneficial bacteria in the wild that are essential to Nature’s food chain.

The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry System will purify the water in every outlet in your home.  It is far more cost effective in the long run than buying case after case of bottled water.  By eliminating the need to purchase water in plastic bottles, you also help Nature by reducing the amount of plastic waste that is toxic to plant and animal life in the wild.  It is also much more convenient for you to simply turn on your faucet than it is to wait for tap water to filter through a charcoal filter.

This water purifier also does away with the need to constantly replace filters that you fit to the end of your faucet.  While many of these products are highly effective, there is still an ongoing cost associated with having to buy new filters on a regular basis.  The whole-house system, by contrast, does not rely exclusively on fitted filters to do its work.

Instead, it uses electricity to create charged atoms known as “ions” which are lethal to the algae and bacteria that grows in water pipes.  Ions have also been known to kill certain viruses that may be present in the water.  This process, known as “copper ionization,” differs from the sodium-based ion exchange process which has come into question over recent years.  Unlike processes that use salt, copper ionization is 100% environmentally friendly to humans, animals, and plants.

However, it will kill negative biological agents that are present in home drinking water.

Another important advantage that the ECOsmarte whole-house water purifier offers over sodium-based systems is that it does not remove the minerals like magnesium and calcium that people.  Because it also protects pipes from corrosion and scaling and is designed to treat an unlimited amount of water in your home for at least 5 years, this is dollar for dollar the most economical purchase you can make in home water purification technology.

By Dr. Edward Group

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