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A healthy, organic lifestyle consists of a grounded, consciously followed balance of organic diet, exercise, body detoxification, and proper supplementation.

Global Healing Center makes it a matter of policy to provide our customers with products that contain only those herbs that have been cultivated according to genuinely organic standards.  Our supplements contain only all-natural ingredients that are free from harmful contaminants.  These herbal products have been developed to address a broad spectrum of biological needs and health conditions and, in the process, further enhance the results of proper diet, exercise, and body detoxification.

Click Here For The Best Colon Cleansing All Natural SupplementOur philosophy maintains that the best supplements are herbal products that are certified by the USDA as having been genuinely, organically cultivated.  To be certified as organic, herbs must be cultivated without genetic engineering, questionable fertilizers, or pesticides that could transmit various toxins to those who consume them. It is very important that our readers understand that not all herbs have been grown according to these standards.  While it is easy to find herbal supplements in many local stores, and hundreds of online channels, readers should, for their own benefit, first confirm the purity of product sources before they invest in them.

Of all the benefits that various types of supplements offer, body detoxification is perhaps the most important.  There is substantial scientific evidence indicating that toxins that cause cancer are prevalent throughout our environment.  While it is true that the body has evolved methods of cleansing itself, it bears pointing out that an overload of toxic agents, which our civilization seems to produce daily, requires a proactive effort on the part of the individual to enhance her or his body’s own ability to detoxify itself.

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One of the body’s main organs for detox, the liver, can be over-stressed by too many toxins accumulating in the body.  Herbal products such as Livatrex, taken in conjunction with organic foods that help cleanse the liver, can assist in dislodging the harmful agents that inhibit both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification.  There are several herbal ingredients in this supplement that we would like to briefly touch on today.

  1. Chicory root is one of these ingredients whose usage goes back to Ancient times.  Both the Romans and the Egyptians used chicory root to help cleanse the liver and the blood.
  2. Another ingredient used in many organic products is peppermint leaf.  It helps promote the natural flow of bile from the liver to the colon.
  3. Still another important herb used to make cleansing products such as Livatrex is organic turmeric.   This is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body cleans itself of toxins.
  4. Yellow dock root is another important ingredient used in both liver cleansing and gall bladder cleansing products.  It is a powerful detoxifier, astringent, and purifier that aids in removing toxins from the body.

These four examples represent only a fraction of the thousands of ingredients that are used to make herbal products that enhance body health and functionality.  For more information on the benefits of organic herbs, visit our Learning Center and use the search tool to look up specific herbs and their benefits.
By Dr. Edward Group


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