Lung Detox and Cleansing

Lung detox and cleansing can be safely accomplished with herbs and certain foods that help the lungs in various ways.  For your convenience, these herbs and food products have now been combined in AllerTrex™ using the patented Spagyrex™ procedure This Vegan, Kosher, and Halal friendly process combines the best of ancient and modern science.  It separates and recombines the essential essences of herbs and food products, then recombines them for maximum effectiveness.  What’s even better about this technique is the method by which this extraction is accomplished.  Rather than using alcohol, which can destroy the vital components of herbal essences, it uses vegetable glycerin.  By avoiding the use of alcohol in our procedure, we are able to preserve all vital compounds and energy signatures of the plants that have been used for thousands of years not to cleanse the lungs.

Lung detox with AllerTrex™ offers all the benefits of these various herbs and foods combined.  Some herbal ingredients have been used since ancient times to help the lungs overcome constant coughing.  Others assist the lungs with resisting allergies by suppressing histamine in the person’s system.  Other ingredients in the product work to clear out the nasal passageways that drain excess mucous from sinus cavities into the throat, trachea, and bronchial tubes.  At the same time, the production of bronchial mucous is stimulated, which is actually good for the lungs, and instrumental in cleansing them of accumulated sinus drainage.   This goes a long way toward helping the lungs recover their ability to take deep, long breaths.  It also helps the alveoli, the tiny sacs at the very ends of bronchial passageways, pass more oxygen into the bloodstream.

Natural Supplement For Cleansing The LungsLung detox is something that every man and woman needs in our civilization.  Obviously someone who has smoked (or been around a great deal of second hand smoke), needs to pursue lung cleansing.  However, due to the highly toxic quality of indoor air, the average non-smoker is exposed to a barrage of chemical toxins inside the confines of her or his own home.   Outdoor air is now heavily polluted with harmful organisms, industrial byproducts, and exhaust from vehicles and factories.  All of these things can accumulate in the lungs of every person because they are in the air we breathe wherever we go.

Cleansing the lungs of these harmful agents will allow them to start regaining their intended vitality.  As they grow stronger, you can expect to be able to exert yourself more and more without becoming short of breath.  If you suffer from allergies and frequent respiratory infections, consistent lung detox can help the lungs better protect themselves against histamine reactions and the severity of chronic, acute coughing.

By Dr. Edward Group

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