Everyday Sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity

What Is The Best Chemical & toxic Metal CleanserHeavy metal toxicity builds up in the human body as a person is exposed to elements that have no biological value to his or her living system.  To a certain extent as well, chronic toxicity can occur when a person gets too much of a necessary element, such as iron or zinc.  The problem with toxic metals is more acute than ever because our industrial civilization has come to rely upon the use of these chemicals for profitable manufacturing.  Only with a keen awareness of their prevalence, and with an informed perspective on what to do about them, can a person proactively address this truly global problem in his or her own daily life.

Body Cleansing At Its BestThe first step is to realize just how many sources of heavy metals exist in our homes and work places.  The following list is only a partial one that itemizes the more commonplace sources of the more noxious elements:

This is something we would not expect to find in smoke, yet it is a documented ingredient for cigarettes that both smokers and those sitting in the room with them inhale into their lungs.

Mercury is something we have all been warned about in heavy metal toxicity reports.  We also have been counseled to avoid farm-raised fish and dental fillings that contain mercury.

Did you know, however, that mercury is an ingredient in some fabric softeners and is also present in many vaccines that they give to children?

This element has absolutely no biological value to the human body, yet we find it in food additives, antiperspirants, antacids, buffered aspirin, and canned foods.

This chemical is known to be a poison, but it often shows up in drinking water, contaminated seafood, and everyday products such as weed killers and wood preservative.

We all know about pipes fitted prior to 1971.

Metal Cleansing Information

Did you know that lead is also in many glazed ceramics and in seemingly innocuous things such as candy wrappers?

When people learn about the actual prevalence of toxic metals in their immediate environment, they often become feel so overwhelmed that they either panic and start going to extremes to avoid the world, or they block the information out to help themselves cope.

We recommend a better path.  With a balance of organic diet, supplementation, exercise, and body cleansing, an individual can reasonably expect to keep himself or herself as free of heavy metal toxicity as is reasonably possible in today’s world. 

By Dr. Edward Group


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