How to Enjoy Eating the Foods that Cleanse Your Lungs

Click Here For More Information On Lung CleansingTwo of the most significant foods that cleanse your lungs—orange peel and plantain leaf—are foods that many Americans are not used to eating.  Orange peel tastes very bitter, so most people use it for aromatherapy, if they use it for anything at all.  While many parts of Latin American and the Caribbean use plantain leaves as wraps for other food types, Americans are used to eating plantains themselves and are generally unaware that the leaves themselves contain amazing health benefits.

Click Here For More Information On Lung Cleansing

There are two ways to receive the benefits these non-standard foods can offer.  You can look for recipes that will make them palatable, so you won’t wince when you eat them.  You can also supplement your diet with a natural mixture that contains both foods in its list of main ingredients.   This is not an either or choice, because natural diet and supplementation go hand-in-hand and offer maximum health benefits when consciously pursued together.

Orange Peels
Orange peels help cleanse your lungs by helping to break down and expel congestion. 
It provides good support for respiratory infections and some asthma related symptoms.  The problem with orange peels as food is their bitter taste.  Most people cannot adapt their palate to eating something that bites back.

If you do an online search for “orange peel recipes,” you will come across all kinds of tasty snacks you can make with this oft neglected part of the fruit.  Stay away from these recipes.  Most call for large amounts of sugar, and some also call for the use of white flour.  You will be giving yourself more health problems if you start using these substances to make something good for you taste good.

It is better to take the simple path to palatability by mixing your organic orange with oranges and other fruits in a blender or juicer.  Taken in a smoothie, the bitter taste is diluted, if not completely eliminated.

Plantain Leaf
This is another food that can help cleanse your lungs. 
The problem is, most North Americans only think of the plantain itself as a food—not the leaf.  Actually, the leaf has been used in European home remedies since it was first brought back by explorers in the 1500s.  The German Commission E approves its use for cough relief and easing irritation caused by upper respiratory tract infections. In some parts of Europe, it is also used to help relieve dry coughing.

Plantain leaf is actually quite good.Two of the most significant foods that cleanse your lungs—orange peel and plantain leaf—are foods that many Americans are not used to eating.  It can be used to as a wrap around a number of meats and vegetables.  There are many healthy recipes online you can look into online, or you can experiment with creating your own.  Just be sure to avoid processed sugar or flour if you find a recipe that recommends it.

Allertrex For Lung Cleansing Remedy

You can also make these new additions to your diet (or supplement them further) with an all-natural product called AllerTrex™.
  Designed to cleanse your lungs using all-natural ingredients, it consists of a mixture that includes orange peel, plantain leaf, and many powerful herbs known for their lung cleansing abilities.  It is, to date, the first and only natural lung cleanse product on the market.

By Dr. Edward Group

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