10 Organic Foods and Herbs that Cleanse the Kidneys

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Organic grapes help flush out waste products such as uric acid.   Drinking a glass of grape juice first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day.  Drink the juice as is without adding sugar or water.

Cranberries give us quinine—a substance that the liver converts into hippuric acid.  Hippuric acid is instrumental in the removal of urea and uric acid.  Cranberries also help make urine more acidic, which prevents bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract.

Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion leaf is well known for its ability to promote bile excretion in the liver.  It is also very useful in stimulating urinary function.  This helps remove excess water from the body and improve detoxification of the kidneys in the process.  Dandelion leaf can be brewed in a tea, or they can be eaten as an alternative to lettuce.

Ginger Root & Turmeric Tea
Ginger root can be peeled and boiled along with a few dashes of turmeric powder.  After boiling, the liquid can be separated from the solids to make a tea.  Drinking this tea after lunch and dinner can help with digestion and assist in the flushing of toxins from the kidneys.

Apple juice has been an essential ingredient in a number of home remedies for kidney stones. Organic apple juice also helps flush out kidneys and can be instrumental in keeping them healthy.  Organic apples are an excellent choice for a healthy snack, and apple juice can be drunk at any time during the day.

Garlic is a natural diuretic.  Diuretics cleanse the kidneys by forcing them to put more sodium into your urine.  This increase in sodium draws excess water from the blood and reduces pressure on the artery walls.

Cucumbers work as a natural diuretic and natural laxative.  They assist in the expulsion of harmful substances from the kidneys.  Cucumbers can also help dissolve bladder and kidney stones.

Onions help stabilize blood pressure and detoxify the body.  Onion juice has been used by many people to help pass kidney stones.

Sprouts are good for detoxifying many processes of the body.  They are particularly helpful in helping to flush kidneys because they contain so much water.  This, combined with their function as a natural diuretic, helps facilitate the detoxification of the kidneys.

Kidney beans
Legumes such as kidney beans, soybeans, and peas contain arginine—an amino acid that helps to cleanse the kidneys of ammonia.

By Dr. Edward Group

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