Does Sweating Detoxify the Body?

Body Cleansing InformationThe simple answer to this question is, “Yes.” Sweating is one of many ways to detoxify the body of waste and toxins. Many toxins are absorbed through the skin from the surrounding environment. Other toxins accumulate in tissues, organs, and the subcutaneous fatty tissue below the epidermis. When the body releases excess heat through sweat, these toxins are released and carried by the water in sweat to the surface of the skin.

There are two types of sweat glands that carry out this process: eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands secret fluids directly onto the skin that then evaporate into the air. Typically, this fluid carries about 1 percent toxins with it. These toxic substances include such heavy metals as mercury, nickel, cadmium, zinc, and copper. Other waste products include sodium, calcium, uric acid, ammonia, potassium, and urea.

Another type of sweat gland that helps detoxify the body is known as an apocrine gland. Glands of this type are located in the armpit, genital areas, and scalp. Fatty breakdown is passed out of the body through these centers. The importance of this process is the release of toxins that build up in the fatty tissues of the body. Whenever the fat breaks down sufficiently to pass out of the body as sweat, then toxins contained within the fat are likewise passed out of the body.

Whenever a person sweats profusely during the course of the day, this normal biological process works to cleanse the body. People who exercise daily are more likely to work up enough of a sweat to get at least some of the toxins out of their bodies on a daily basis. Problems occur when a person becomes too busy to exercise. Spending most of the day in climate controlled environments, seated behind a workstation, will make a person sweat far less than they normally would. When the pores of the skin start to clog from a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes more difficult to detoxify the body through natural processes.

There are simple things that every person can do to correct this problem if and when it occurs. The first and most obvious of these is for the individual to commit himself or herself to consistent daily exercise no matter what the demands on personal time may be. It may not be enough to build muscle, but it will nonetheless improve circulation and perspiration enough to start cleansing the body again. Drinking a gallon of water over the course of the day will also help reinvigorate the perspiration cycle. These are two simple things anyone can do that will produce a certain degree of results in everyone.

For those who want to significantly enhance perspiration’s ability to detoxify the body, far infrared saunas and detox foot pads represent a very effective option to consider. Far infrared light helps stimulate the release of toxins in tissues and organs on a much deeper level. This results in perspiration that can contain up to 20% toxin and heavy metals, as opposed to as little as 1% in normal, daily perspiration.

By Dr. Edward Group


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