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Click Here For The Best Colon Cleanser On The MarketTo understand the importance of colon cleansing, we must first understand just how important a healthy colon is to human health and wellness.

Virtually all diseases are caused by toxins that enter the body through the intestines. While the body is designed to pass these toxins out through the bowels, this does not always happen. Our increasingly synthetic civilization is exposing us now to so many harmful agents in our environment that accumulated toxins are building up within people. These accumulated toxins narrow bowel passageways and cause constipation. As regular elimination becomes blocked, toxins leak back into the blood and cause disease.

Colon cleansing helps restore the normal function of the colon by dislodging accumulated toxins. As normal elimination ensues, toxins that would otherwise leak back into the blood are passed out of the body as they should be. When viewed from this perspective, it becomes clearly evident that the “secret,” to a healthy body is a healthy colon.

However, many people who first hear this statement initially question whether this can actually be so. It is not that they fail to see the simple logic involved in reaching this conclusion. Instead, it is because their social conditioning has led them to other conclusions based upon a reasoning process initiated from an entirely different point of view.

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Naturally & Organicly Detox Your Colon

The Western medical establishment has proven itself many times over as an excellent resource for the treatment of catastrophic injuries. As an interventionist science that excels in treating wounds, bone breaks, and internal injuries, it is essentially a discipline that deals with minimizing damage to the body so the body can survive the injury and begin to heal itself.

The major difference between a preventative action such as colon cleansing and the treatment of a traumatic injury is as fundamental as the difference between cause and effect.

Traditional medicine helped revolutionize the world in many respects by developing new ways of saving lives from the otherwise fatal effects of gunshot wounds, deep lacerations, broken bones, and internal injuries. During the rapid progress of the industrial revolution, western medicine became so successful at treating the effects of catastrophic injuries that it began to take the same approach to treating diseases.

Drugs were developed that focused more on stopping diseases than on preventing the causes of diseases. Doctors who became experts at stopping internal bleeding, sewing up wounds, and setting broken bones began to see illness as a form of injury to the body that had to be approached from a similar perspective.

This is why today’s medical establishment maintains that the best approach to eliminating a disease is to minimize its impact on the body. They feel that by working to counter the negative effects of a disease, they will give the body a better chance of healing itself from within, much like it heals a wound or broken bone.

Natural health and wellness practitioners also believe that the body heals itself. However, we place our focus on attacking the causes of disease, not the effects. Natural products, such as colon cleansing Oxy-Powder®, are designed to maximize the body’s ability to cleanse itself of disease-causing agents before they can take hold within the blood, tissues, and organs of the body.

By Dr. Edward Group


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