Herbs That Cleanse Your Lungs

Natural Supplement For Cleansing The LungsThere are many herbs that you can take to cleanse your lungs.
  You can grow these herbs, or you can purchase them separately, often in capsule form.  If buying them separately, you have to be careful to take them as recommended.  You may also want to save yourself some time and invest in an organic product which contains them in its list of main ingredients and which has been carefully mixed to produce the best possible benefits.

Allertrex For Lung CleansingElecampane
This herb was used by most of the major ancient powers.  The Chinese, Indians, Greeks, and Romans used it for symptoms of bronchitis and asthma.  It works on several levels to cleanse your lungs.  It is both a fungal and microbial reducing agent.  It is also a sedative, an anti-tussive, and an expectorant.  Elecampane is able to sooth the bronchial linings as it works, which is why it is often used to help with respiratory problems involving large amounts of mucus.


Lungwort increases the production of a special type of mucus known as serous mucus.  This helps thin out phlegm that is lodged in the lungs.  Research also suggests that it has antioxidant and inflammatory reducing properties.  It may also be beneficial to overall lung health.

Lobelia’s active ingredient, the alkaloid Lobeline, helps cleanse your lungs by dilating bronchial tubes, opening airways, and thinning out the mucus that lodges in the lungs as congestion.  This enables you to take stronger, deeper breaths.

The Aborigines in Australia have used Eucalyptus for tens of thousands of years as a remedy for colds, the flu, and sinus conditions.  It has a number of properties that contribute to lung health, including viral, fungal, and bacterial attacking qualities.  As an expectorant, it can help ease coughing.

Peppermint is a powerful powerful allergenic supporting herb that contains menthol.  Menthol works as a decongestant and a histamine reducing agent, and it also has the ability to dissolve mucus.  Peppermint has congestive, inflammatory, and spasmodic lowering properties as well.  Research suggests that it also helps open airways and decrease shortness of breath in cases of exercise induced asthma.

Osha root
Many say that Osha root is arguably the best root for lung cleansing.  In addition to increasing bronchial tube dilation, clearing mucus, and helping a person take deeper breaths, it also increase increases blood flow to the lungs.

If you want to use these herbs to cleanse your lungs, we recommend you take them in the form of the  Spagyrex™ mixture, AllerTrex™.  It is the only lung cleansing product on the market that helps support normal lung function and clearing of the sinuses and respiratory system.

By Dr. Edward Group



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