Why Should We Buy Calcium Products?

We should invest in calcium products because we no longer get enough of this vital mineral from our food sources.  Modern agricultural practices have depleted soil to the point that the mineral content of many major food groups have diminished.  Some popular sources of calcium are actually sources of calcium carbonate—something we DON’T need, and something that we actually need to eliminate from our diets.  There are also other foods that block calcium absorption that we need to counter with the appropriate types of calcium supplements.

Click Here For More Information On IntraCal Calcium SupplementLet’s look at some of the foods we have all been programmed to believe are excellent, natural sources of calcium.  Let’s start with milk.  This staple beverage has long been touted as something that “does a body good.”  Actually, it does not.  The pasteurization process that is used to purify milk actually creates calcium carbonate.  This form of the mineral actually pulls existing calcium out of cells and bones.  Over time, this can actually create osteoporosis—a condition we were all led to believe that milk is supposed to prevent.

We also have to be careful about soybeans and soy products.  Soy is high in phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of calcium.  Without the right types of calcium products, we are simply not going to absorb the necessary amounts of this vital mineral.  Studies have shown that staple foods such as bananas, broccoli, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes have lost anywhere from 28 percent to 63 percent of their original calcium content.

Apples are the only food type that has increased their content of calcium by a mere 20 percent.  However, we cannot switch to an all-organic-apple diet and expect to get enough of this essential mineral.

Of the three beneficial types of calcium explained in our Intracal video, perhaps the most important is calcium orotate.  An orotate is a type of mineral salts composed of orotic acid that is used to make DNA and RNA. Orotates pass easily through cell membranes.  This allows them to carry mineral atoms into cells and tissues.  If we are going to supplement our diet with additional calcium, we need to look for supplements such as Intracal that add this particular type of calcium to our bodies.

Calcium Supplements

This magnesium and calcium product introduces both magnesium and calcium orotates into our bodies. The calcium then absorbs quickly and easily into our cells and is both readily transportable to and usable by our bones.

By Dr. Edward Group


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