What Is The Best 100% Natural Organic Laxative?

A Natural Laxative That Really Works.

Stimulant laxatives are considered the harshest among laxatives, and should be taken with great concern and prudence.  They are intended for short-term use and work by causing the muscles in large intestines to contract, pushing the stool along.  Most people pursue over the counter laxatives because they usually get results in matter of hours as opposed to days.  Stimulant laxatives are mainly used to ease constipation and before colon or bowel examinations before surgery. 

Examples of Brand Name Stimulant Laxatives:

  1. Castor Oil: Now® Foods Castor Oil, Sway® Castor Oil
  2. Senna: Traditional Medicinals® Smooth Move Herbal Stimulant Laxative Tea, Senokot®, Rite Aid® Senna Laxative, ex-lax®, Fleet® Liquid Glycerin Suppositories
  3. Bisacodyl: Rite Aid® Corrective Laxative Tablet, Fleet Bisacodyl®, Dulcolax®, Gentlax-S®, Correctol® Bisacodyl Stimulant Laxative
  4. Cascara Sagrada: Nature’s Way® Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark
  5. Dulcolax
  6. Correctol
  7. Ex-Lax

Gentle Constipation Relief For Kids

Laxative misuse is mostly widespread with stimulant laxatives.  If abused, stimulant laxatives can cause dehydration, troubles with the body’s electrolyte balance and possible damage to the intestinal lining after long term use.  People with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia are inclined to abuse laxatives. 

Be aware that after using laxatives over a period of time your intestines will become dependent upon laxatives and will demand them to have a bowel movement. The condition is called Lazy Bowel Syndrome (LBS) and it is essentially having loss of bowel muscle tone and strength. As a result you can expect to have bouts ofchronic constipation. 




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