Why Aluminum Detox is Necessary

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Aluminum detox is necessary because of the high body burden of all and other heavy metals that enter our systems from our industrial environment.  Over the past 150 years, aluminum has become pervasive both in the public sector and the private home.  As a very light metal, it is desirable to industry as a component of a number of metal alloys.  As a highly reactive agent, it is a desirable ingredient in many household products, over-the-counter pharmacy products, and as an active ingredient in vaccines.  Aluminum is used in all vaccines because it becomes bio-reactive when combined with iron.  This bio-reactivity is used by vaccine makers to stimulate antibody responses and production of antigens in the immune system.

Why Should Your Be Cleansing Your Body Of Toxins?

Accumulation Equals Toxicity
In the interest of accuracy, we must clearly state that Al is not innately toxic.  However, it can become toxic to the body when it accumulates in high levels within certain tissues.  The effects of this accumulation, not the nature of the element itself, justify the need for aluminum detox.   When we consider just how pervasive this element is, and just how much it accumulates in some of the most vital areas of the body, it becomes readily apparent that a proactive response in the form of heavy metal cleansing and detoxification diet is the only rational response to the problem.

Internal Toxicity and External Toxicity
To understand how toxicity affects us, we have to understand both the definitions of the above two terms and the relationship between them.

Internal toxicity refers to the body burden of toxins stored within the body.
External toxicity refers to the toxins present in the public sector and in the home environment.

As external toxicity increases in our civilization, internal toxicity rises proportionally.  So, too, does the very real need for proactive aluminum detox.

Aluminum in Your Environment and Your Body
Aluminum can be airborne and find its way into your lungs.  It can also get into your body through contaminated water.  The largest intake of Al, however, comes from household products and food. Household goods such as deodorants, cosmetics, aluminum foil, cookware, and food storage containers can all introduce Al into your system.  Once in your body, it accumulates the most in the heart, the bones, and the brain.   Aluminum toxicity has been linked to brain dysfunctions, bone diseases, and kidney disease.  Evidence also suggests a link between Al toxicity and Alzheimer’s.

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How to Do Your Own Aluminum Detox
You may want to try drinking all-natural, high silica content mineral water.  Studies suggest that this can help cleanse aluminum from the body.  We also recommend purchasing Dr. Group’s Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse to help your body cleanse itself of excess stored Aluminum.

By Dr. Edward Group

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